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Buffing & waxing, and any custom requirement or request needed to make the car look new again. We will clean your car as it should be!

It is important that the car is treated professionally.   

The major disadvantage of using the CARWASH is that the Touchless carwash does not remove all dirt. While using the carwash with the brushes, they can make little scratches in the paint, This is often the case with worn carwash brushes: the worn hairs spinning against your car can create swirls; swirls are small round scratches in the car paint that are quite difficult to remove.  Only a good polishing treatment or heavy waxing will make sure that these swirls will disappear from the car paint. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, you can come to us for a professional car cleaning and scratch removal.

Our Car Cleaning and buffing include:

Plastic car headlights covers do deteriorate due primarily to extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation and abrasion by road grit. Worn out headlight lenses will result in transmitting poor light, special a problem with bad weather. We repair them, instead of replacing them. Many cars have plastic headlight covers which become dull over time. We can do the affordable headlight polishing, much cheaper with results like new.

A convertible roof is a valuable part of the car. If a convertible roof need to be restored, the first step we take in restoring your convertible roof is to thoroughly clean and spray the areas needed with a fabric cleaner, and soak the area thoroughly. After that if there is lose buildup dirt we gently bush or scrape it off with a special brush. The fabric needs extra attention to ensure that it does not become discoloured, dry out or polluted. It must be cleaned every so often, professionally, and with great care.

If you want the roof to be water, and dirt-repellent for a longer period of time, choose to have us give it our special treatment.This way it stays beautiful for longer and make the maintenance much easier!

Clean and maintain the convertible roof.

At After Hours Detail Car Cleaning, we offer professional car detailing services designed to keep your car in top condition. Whether you're looking for a simple wash or an extensive detailing job, we have the skills and expertise to meet your needs. View our services and discover how we can make your car shine like new again.

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